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Wine tastings

Twice a year we organize a Garage Sale in our warehouse where we present our total assortiment. Acces is for everyone who is interested in Spanish products. Do you want us to keep you posted? Please subscribe here to our newsletter. A tasting at your home or the office? Ask us for the possibilities via the contact.

The Cava girl

The Cava girl serves your guests a delicious glass of cava or wine from the Cava bar. In order for you to have all the attention for your guests, the Cava girl will take care of the culinary aspect of your guests. If desired, the Cava girl can take care of culinary entertainment with her product knowledge of the wines. Of course we also take care of all the glass work for you.



The Pata girl

The Pata girl is for mobile use on any location because we have transformed the classic Pata holder into a mobile bar. As an experienced cortadero the Pata girl provides your guests with delicious razor-thin slices of Pata Negra. We only work with the best Jamon Ibérico legs from the Pata Negra pig from Jabugo, the most exclusive in the world. Because of the refined structure and the delicious taste the ham almost melts on the tongue. You could have the Pata Negra served pure or on a crostini with some nice olive oil.

La Vida Loca

La Vida Loca

Spanish lifestyle tapas: gamba's piri piri, mushrooms in sherry, charchuterie jamon ibérico, paella, cabrales in sherry, coquilles with pata negra, tortilla de patatas… The most delicious tapas together with the most flavorous wines. Whenever and wherever you want, La Vida Loca is always there for you! If your event takes place in a castle in Limburg, in a tent in your own backyard or in the middle of the polder, we have already been in the strangest places, have the most complex logistics challenges overcome and stood for the biggest surprises!

Sunday Bubbles Sunday

Sunday Bubbles Sunday

Sunday Bubbles Sunday is a party concept that focuses on the 30+ who likes a pleasant evening and the good life. On these Sundays from 5 pm you will be welcomed with a good glass of cava and oysters in a chic and stylish environment. In a relaxed lounge atmosphere there is first place for drinks and delicious appetizers. Later in the evening, the club lounge DJ will make sure you can no longer stand on the side and the evening will swing on in a mix of contemporary good dance beats combined with some golden oldies, all accompanied by live percussion or saxophonist. At 10 pm the doors will close to make sure that you are fresh and fit on Monday!